Chila explained to us what this object was used for.

“In the old days there were no wallets. Everybody had a bèshi. You only bought one if you couldn’t make one yourself. In that case you went to a specialized bèshi weaver, just like there were hat weavers back then. The bèshis were made from a special type of straw. I also learned how to weave my own bèshi.”

This bèshi is one of more than 170 objects that the participants brought to the workshops. The workshops took place at the Museum of Curaçao in Otrobanda. In order to get to the final selection of 100 objects, we invited the visitors of the museum to vote for the objects they liked the most. We took pictures of all objects, printed the pictures and placed them along with a short object description on large posters on the walls of the museum.

Everybody was allowed to vote for three objects.
The bèshi was one of the objects that received the most votes. Why do you think that is? Would you have voted for the bèshi? What is your personal top-3? Let us know!

“ You only bought one if you couldn’t make one yourself.”