Biyete di ántes

Elisabeth Fecunda likes to collect banknotes. She lent us these old Dutch Antillean guilder-bills.

Elisabeth: “The red one-guilder-bill was called sobrekama or bedspread as it looked like red bedspreads that were popular in those days. On the 2 1/2 guilder bill you can see an airplane of ALM, The Antillean Airline Company that existed until 2002. On the 5 guilder bill there is an image of the trupial, one of our national birds. Nowadays we only have bills of 10, 25, 50 and 100 guilders.”

For a long time, the Dutch guilder was the legal tender of Curaçao. When the Netherlands was occupied by Nazi Germany in 1940, the Netherlands Antilles received its own currency. The Antillean guilder. The currency was pegged to the exchange rate of the US dollar.

“The red one-guilder-bill was called sobrekama or bedspread.”