Clarina Gomez tells us about this famous magazine. “When I was a kid there was a magazine called Lorito, it was typically something from the 1950s. People bought Lorito to have a good laugh, as they always made fun of people in the magazine. I found this in my mother’s house when cleaning out her closet after she passed away. You could either subscribe to Lorito or buy them separately.”

“It was a political magazine. Lorito was the writer’s pseudonym. I think there was just one person behind the magazine but he never revealed himself. At that time there were a lot of clowns in politics such as Nene Hoek from the Democrat Party. Lorito was full of gossip.”

This edition of Lorito was published on December 23rd, 1954: just a week after the Statute of the Kingdom of the Netherlands was signed, a declaration formalizing the relationship between the Netherlands and the Netherlands Antilles. On the cover you can see Moises Da Costa Gomez (on the right), leader of the National Party who negotiated full autonomy, and Efraïn Jonckheer (on the left), leader of the Democratic Party and the first prime minister of the Netherlands Antilles. Jonckheer signed the Statute as his party had won the 1954 elections.

“They always made fun of people.”