Mashin pa slais belèg

Until a couple of decades ago there were quite strict but unwritten rules surrounding relationships in Curaçao. A love affair could only last for six months. After that period the man needed to have a house ready for his bride. If not, they had to part ways. To this day many Curaçaoan youngsters live with their parents until they get married – unless they go abroad to study.

The following was told to us during one of the workshops:

“My father’s house was located in Bandariba. My grandmother owned it. Before my parents moved in after getting married the house had been used as a bakery where they also sold deli meats and cheese. I found this in a box with stuff when we moved into the house. My mother also used it for some time. Then modern machines took over. My father could afford the new technology because he had a good job at Shell.”

“The man needed to have a house ready for his bride.”