Oloshi solar

Sometimes participants brought objects to the workshops that meant a lot to them on a personal level but did not really have anything to say about the history of Curaçao. Myrurgia´s sundial is an example. But as it turned out, the object led to conversations about the perception of time in Curaçao.

Whereas the digitized world is increasingly bound to time (everything seems to have to be faster and faster), in Curaçao there is still room for a different form of time. The ancient Greeks called that time Kairos. That could be translated as “the right opportunity”. Those moments in our lives where everything seems to fall together and you forget about time. Curaçaoans have an eye for this like no other. They take the time for a chance encounter and usually do not overcrowd their days so that there is always room left for what happens to present itself.

"They take the time for a chance encounter."