Yolanda Faneyt wore this object at one of our workshops.

“This is a precious stone with a bronze wire attached to it that I inherited from my mother. My mom was very spiritual but not religious. She used precious and energetic stones. I was raised Christian. Five years ago I started to become interested in my mom’s approach to life. Two years ago she passed away. This stone with wire means a lot to me because it is a symbol of the transformation I went through myself.”

Curaçao has a long history of religious freedom and has served as a safe haven for both Christians and Jews who suffered religious persecution. In the 21st century there are many religions in Curaçao: from Methodists and Adventists to Hindus, Jehovah Witnesses and Muslims. The interaction between different ethnicgroups has often led to mutual influences and adoption of elements from each other’s religions, beliefs and traditions.

“Curaçao has a long history of religious freedom.”