Pòchi di pieda

Ilona Eustatia was one of our most committed participants. Together with Calviany she came to almost all of our workshops, every time carrying bags full of fascinating objects and telling vivid stories about them. Out of all the objects she brought, this is the one we know the least about. It was chosen by the people to be a part of this collection. But Ilona is not here anymore to tell us about its origin and what it meant to her. Ilona passed away during the project.

All we know is that it was used to store incense. Nevertheless this small jar has acquired new meaning to us ever since Ilona passed. We realized it represents our memory of her, the natural leader of the workshop group, the empathetic friend and amazing artist.

Ilona, we can’t thank you enough for what you have done for Curaçao, for us and for this project. Nos ta topa (until we meet again).

“It represents our memory of her”