Pond’s Cold Cream

“When I found these cream jars on the seashore I immediately thought of my mother. The white ones are Ponds Cold Cream, a skin cream for facial care that was very popular in the 1960s. My mother always kept a couple of jars on the dressing table in her bedroom. Back then most women had a dressing table, usually an antique one, with a large mirror on stand. Every two months my mother would tell me to wipe the dressing table and the jars on it to remove all the dirt and dust. After they stopped importing Ponds to Curaçao other facial care creams became popular such as Nivea.”

As humans, our genetics and skin are more similar than they are different. There are, however, some skin concerns that impact those with melanin-rich skin more than others, including dryness and uneven skin tone. For most women in Curaçao, skin cleansing and moisturizing is an everyday ritual.

“Moisturizing is an everyday ritual.”