Skòp di koko

“I found this coconut on the coast. I had it for years without knowing what to do with it. I was fascinated by the protrusion it has. I kept it and made a scoop out of it. I mean, I use it as a scoop. Eventually it became an ornament. Nowadays everywhere I see coconuts I look if they have stems.”

You would think that coconut palms are indigenous to Curaçao and the Caribbean. They’re not. They were probably introduced to the region by the Spanish colonizers in the first half of the 16th century and reached Curaçao through shipwrecks. Commercial cultivation never took off in Curaçao because of the irrigation requirements of the plant. We do have one native palm species on the island: the iconic Sabal palm (or Kabana as it is locally known) which can be found exclusively in the southwestern part of the Christoffelpark.

“Everywhere I see coconuts I look if they have stems."