Lampi Gasolin Blanku

Shell’s refinery was established in Curaçao in 1914. Before that time, kerosene was imported from the United States. The kerosene was transported in cans, which was a dangerous job for everyone involved. In 1870, Punda became the first district with street lighting that used kerosene. The first electric light on Curaçao ignited in September 1897 thanks to legendary American entrepreneur Leonard B. Smith.

A few years earlier, he entered into an agreement with the Dutch authority for the construction of a power plant. Long after Smith’s plant was commissioned, petroleum was used to illuminate homes and buildings. With lamps like this, for example. Elisabeth came along with it at one of the workshops. She could even explain how the lamps work. “To use this lamp fill it up with gasoline, pump, twist and light it . One of the fuses is still intact.” If you want to go back to the beginning of the last century, all you need is a match.

“The first electric light on Curaçao ignited in September 1897.”