Renchi di orea

“These earrings will catch and reflect sunlight and dangle happily back and forth with every step, every head movement of the wearer.” These words are from writer Sonia Garmers. You can consider it an ode to Curaçao goldsmiths such as Victor Penso, Jombi Casser, Jacob van Striebeek, Paul Jagbir and Fèchi Regales.

The latter is known for its filigree work, a form of fine goldsmith’s work based on twisted wire. This technique has a long tradition among the goldsmiths of Curaçao.

“I hope from the bottom of my heart that this special and artistic craft will not be lost,” wrote Sonia Garmers in 1983.

“Her words are an ode to the Curaçaoan goldsmiths.”