Spaik di atletismo

Carlos Eleonora tells us about his legendary running spikes.

“I was a talented sportsman in the 1970s. I excelled at football, baseball and track & field. At the age of 17 I decided to specialize in sprinting. I ran 100 meters against the likes of Bob Esprit and others. I beat everyone wearing these spikes, finishing in 10.7 seconds.”

“At 18, I ran a selection race in which the fastest sprinters would go to Suriname for an international competition. 80 meters into the race I was way ahead of everyone. Then I fell, tore ligaments in my foot and couldn’t finish. I was taken to the hospital. The representatives of the athletics federation told me that I would require surgery should this ever happen again. I got angry and chose to quit sprinting altogether. I kept my spikes in a cabinet at home to show my future children and grandchildren. I never heard anything again from the athletics federation. Maybe I was too strong a competitor for all the big names.”

In the last decades Curaçao has produced a number of outstanding track and field sprinters, interestingly enough all males. The best-known is veteran Churandy Martina who holds the most sprinting records of both the Netherlands and the former Netherlands Antilles. The Dutch men’s 4×400 meters relay team that won a silver medal at the 2020 Olympics had two members who were born and raised in Curaçao (Terrence Agard and Liemar Bonevacia) and one member from Curaçaoan parents (Ramsey Angela).

“ 80 meters into the race I was way ahead of everyone.”