Tayó di bolo

“I inherited these plates from my mother who passed away 50 years ago at the age of 62. She got them for her marriage so they are almost 100 years old. I use them a lot since I like to bake cakes myself. My favorites are bolo di kashupete (cashew nut cake), bol’i pruimu (prune cake), bolo pretu (dark fruit cake) and bolo dadel (date cake).”

The people of Curaçao love cake. Our birthday song tradition reflects this perfectly. Where in most countries the birthday song is actually for or about the person whose birthday it is (as in ‘happy birthday to you’), in Curaçao we sing ‘salú ku bolo nos ke’ which means ‘we want a drink and cake’ with clear emphasis on the ‘bolo’ part. Singing and eating cake is actually the last thing you do at a birthday party. After that, everybody goes home practically immediately.

“In Curaçao we sing 'salú ku bolo nos ke' which means 'we want a drink and cake'”