Lensu di man

There is a special story behind this handkerchief. Shanuska Schoop tells us about it.

“An elderly gentleman passed by my house every day. He wore a suit and tie, shiny brown shoes and white socks. His clothes were too big for him. He always carried a handkerchief in his suit pocket so I asked him why. He answered: “This is not A handkerchief, these are TWO handkerchiefs. The one I wear in my suit is for the ladies and the one in my pocket is for myself.”

“I didn’t quite understand what he meant until years later. In 2018 I did a performance. My forehead was very sweaty because of the hot lights on the stage. A young man in the crowd offered me his handkerchief to dry my face. He was much younger than me. Then and there the penny dropped.”

“To this day the young man and I are in touch with each other. Now I know: the handkerchief is the perfect excuse to approach a lady.”

“The one I wear in my suit is for the ladies.”