Beker di plata

“From the 1940s till the 1960s children from affluent families received silver cups as a gift for their first Communion. Two of these cups belonged to my mother (the one with the handle and the one dated 2-6-1951). The other ones I bought at porch sales. I am a collector, just like my father. I collect all kinds of things from Curaçao that I find interesting. I also have a collection of antique furniture that either comes from Curaçao or has a connection with the home interiors from the old days.”

The first Holy Communion is one of the three sacraments in the Roman Catholic Church. The other two are Baptism and the Eucharist. The first communion is the preliminary highlight in the lives of many boys and girls on the island: not just for its religious importance, but also for the big party with lots of food and gifts, like these cups.

“Children from affluent families received silver cups.”